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Steps 2 of our 12-Step Program

FSBO Starter Kit

Get the forms you need to sell your home. The Starter Kit is a no-frills solution that keeps your costs to a minimum. Get the paperwork you need to take offers, make counter offers, and stay in contract once you have an accepted offer.

The FSBO Starter Kit includes:

  1. State and local law-compliant forms:
    • Purchase and Sales Agreement
    • Disclosure Document
    • Counter Offer
    • Addendum
  2. Instruction sheet. Instructions for filling out the forms listed above.
  3. Contract calendar. Calendar designed to help you keep track of important due dates, delivery requirements, and inspection timetables that keep you in contract.


What happens next?

Once you've ordered, you will immediately receive an email confirming your order. Expect to receive the Purchase and Sales Agreement, Disclosure Document, Counter Offer, Addendum, Instruction sheet, and Contract calendar within two business days of the Order Request.



Join an elite group of sellers who understand that superior information leads to superior results. FSBO Edge differentiates your parcel by assessing invisible legal risks to title and delivers powerful marketing tools to share this information with buyers. Build enthusiasm for your parcel by respecting your buyer’s intelligence and investment capital.

Before listing, qualify your parcel as GREEN Light Certified®. Build your custom webpage and share it with your social network. Your The GREEN Light System signage will be installed to alert drive-by traffic to your sales opportunity.

FSBO Edge includes the following:

  1. GREEN Light Certification. Qualify your parcel as GREEN Light Certified® for legal risks involving title.
  2. TheGreenLightSystem.com web page. Upload your listing’s specifications, description, and photos onto your personalized web page. Direct advertising to the page and share the link with your social network.
  3. The Green Light System custom yard sign. An 24″ X 24″ FOR SALE sign displaying your phone number will be delivered and installed in your front yard.
  4. Green Light Certified custom rider sign. For properties that qualify as GREEN Light Certified, receive an 8″ X 24″ rider sign with the GREEN Light Certified™ logo.
FSBO Edge delivers the information and tools to attract buyers, draw an offer, and negotiate the terms of the offer.
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Steps 4 and 6 of our 12-Step Program

What happens next?
  1. GREEN Light Certification. The process of qualifying your home for GREEN Light Certification can take two weeks.
  2. Web page. A link to your webpage will be sent within two days of receiving your Order Request.
  3. Yard Sign(s). Sign(s) will be mailed within two (2) business days of completion of your TIER analysis.
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Steps 8 - 12 of our 12-Step Program


Earn the right to have one of our attorneys represent your parcel to the buying public by qualifying as GREEN Light Certified™. FSBO Ace gives you the best of the FSBO and full-service Realtor® world. By fielding phone calls, taking offers, negotiating terms, and getting the paperwork done, our Ace product reduces the headaches of selling your home and at a price that compares favorably to the full-service real estate agent.

FSBO Ace offers the following services for GREEN Light Certified parcels:

  1. Fielding of phone calls.
  2. Taking Offers.
  3. Negotiating.
  4. Keeping the deal in contract.
  5. Closing escrow.
FSBO Ace delivers all of the above from an agent that owes you a fiduciary duty, something that Realtors may or may nt owe their client, depending on what state they are licensed in. What this means for you is that our attorneys have a higher duty of care when it comes to the work they perform for you, in the states where real estate agents do not carry a fiduciary duty.
How does my parcel qualify?
  1. GREEN Light Certification. You will first need to purchase FSBO Edge to qualify your parcel as GREEN Light Certified.
  2. Attorney email. If your parcel qualifies, you will be sent an email with the terms of our agreement regarding the FSBO Ace service. If you agree to the terms, simply return it and we will get to work fielding phone calls.
  3. Attorney contact. Your attorney will stay in contact as necessary. We can not guarantee the results of this service, but do guarantee that we will do everything reasonable and legal to get your parcel sold for a market-based price.