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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why haven't I heard about The GREEN Light System before? The GREEN Light System is new. It was introduced to the market in February of 2018.
  2. I am selling a home in a platted subdivision. Why should I care about getting GREEN Light Certified? Although homes in platted subdivisions are more likely to be GREEN Light Certified, buyers can not take it for granted that your home does not carry uninsured risks to title. Problems with shared well agreements, encroaching out buildings, even road access have been known to happen in platted subdivisions.
  3. Does The GREEN Light System address all legal risks to title? Short answer is yes, for recorded documents. However, if there are documents pertinent to the parcel that are unrecorded, there is no way for our attorneys or the title insurance company to know about these potential risks.
  4. Does The GREEN Light System address all legal risks: Short answer is no. There exist multiple other sources of legal risk to the use and enjoyment of a parcel including zoning restrictions, federal environmental rules and regulations, and other dictum that are not specific to your parcel but represent information in the public record that is pertinent to your parcel.
  5. I want an attorney to sell my home. You will first need to purchase our Edge product to see if your home qualifies as a GREEN Light Certified. If so, we will happily represent it for a reasonable asking price. We do not represent RED properties and may selectively choose to represent YELLOW properties, depending on attorney time availability.